Social Inferences Card Set

Social Inferences Fun Deck with Super Duper Secret Decoder has 63 social story cards to help students improve their inference-making skills. Students listen to/read the stories and choose the answer that represents a logical inference. Best for ages 7 & up.
There are three social skills sections.
  • Section I – (cards #1–21) asks the student
    to make an inference about the character’s personality based on his/her behavior in
    the scene.
  • Section II – (cards #22–43) asks the student to infer how the character in the scene is feeling.
  • Section III – (cards #44–63) asks the student to identify the appropriate/inappropriate behavior the character is displaying in the scene.


Also, students increase their vocabulary by looking at the description of the words in context. Cards measure 4" x 6" and are stored in a sturdy box.

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