About Us

At My Special Toolbox we believe that all children are SPECIAL!



 Our Mission

To provide children with the tools they need to strive towards growth.


Our Promise

To offer high quality and affordable therapist and kid approved tools and toys.


Our Story

As Special Educators we see firsthand the crisis that parents face when searching to locate therapy and educational tools for many childhood disabilities and diagnosis. Our goal in creating My Special Toolbox was to create an inclusive website that offers educational and therapeutic tools for kids of every ability. By creating relationships with our global supplies, My Special Toolbox brings therapeutic tools and toys from all over the world making them affordable to the Canadian market.  Our dream is to be able to offer all Canadian families affordable educational and therapeutic toolboxes at their doorsteps. Together our team has tracked down top rated products for all developmental needs, giving parents access to the therapist approved tools that their children need to strive towards growth.

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