Feelings Game- Guess How I Feel?

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One Game Filled with Multiple Social Skills

Kids engage in social skills training and learn empathy with our award-winning Guess How I Feel? Game. Fun and interactive, this game features a magnetic mirror with facial expressions, prizes and more. Players take turns sharing and guessing each other's reaction to situations pictured on cards, such as dropping an ice cream cone, seeing your parents happy or angry, and saying goodbye. It helps children with self-expression and situational reactions.

    • Helps kids with autism recognize other people's emotions
    • Good for children with speech and language delays
    • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

This game is designed for therapy sessions, family time, and play dates with other kids. Great as an icebreaker too!


Getting Started:

No reading skills necessary. 2-4 players. Includes 16 magnetic facial expressions, 1 dry erase magnetic mirror, 4 dry erase markers, 50 situation cards, 4 blank cards, 4 pads and pencils, 1 minute timer, printed sheet with expressions, and Guess Bag with 20 prizes (color bands).

Players take turns sharing and guessing each others reaction to 50 scenarios that are printed on cards such as getting a gift wrapped box to playing with friends or being excluded, riding a roller coaster or learning to ride a bike, coming home or saying goodbye. Everyone takes a turn showing their reactions on a dry erase magnetic mirror that has magnetic facial expressions as well as colorful markers. The other players anticipate the reaction by describing or drawing it on their pads, and choose a prize when they're right.

Several game variations add to the fun and help players get to know each other better.

Dimensions: 10.5" x 10.5" x 2"



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