Refresh Lemon Scented Putty


Focus While Keeping Hands Busy!

An all-in-one squeeze toy, therapy tool, stress reliever, fidget and molding clay! Stretch, mold and pull to help strengthen hand grasp and improve fine motor planning. Each scented putty is infused with a different pure essential oil to awaken the senses. Use at school, home or during physical therapy sessions. Collect all three scents, each with its own color and level of resistance (soft, medium and firm) depending on how much heavy work is needed. 

Lemon Scented Putty Refreshing: Light resistance (soft) putty infused with lemon oil to refresh and boost alertness. Helpful for individuals who lack focus or tend to lose attention mid-task.

  • Provides a multi-sensory therapeutic experience
  • Helps children remain calm and attentive during schoolwork or transitions
  • Great for anyone with weak hand muscles or sensory sensitivity
  • Age 4+.


  • Weighs 3 oz.
  • Made of silicone
  • Color: lavender (calm), green (awakening) or yellow (refreshing)
  • Multi-pack: Calming Lavender, Refreshing Lemon and Awakening Peppermint
  • Safety-tested and CPSIA compliant
  • Free of gluten, casein, latex and soy
  • Use alcohol to easily remove from clothing


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