Senseez Stop Sign Vibrate Cushion


The Red Stop Sign Senseez Vibrating Children's Cushions are colourful, lightweight, fun shaped and offers a gentle vibration whey they are squeezed or sat on. Senseez operates on batteries and have a small pouch inside that vibrates to offer sensations to relax, calm or soothe the body. Senseez material is Vinyl on the outside for easy cleaning and tactile to the touch, while the cushion is made from poly foam to make for a very comfortable place to sit.

Kids that have trouble sitting for meals, stories, car rides or anything else will be comforted by the vibrations of the Senseez children's pillow. Vibrational therapy has been used for many years in many different ways and the research is there to back up the findings. Whether your child requires the vibrations to soothe their body, or if they just like how it feels, Senseez Vibrating Children's Pillow if a fun and functional pillow for your child!

The vibrations from the pillow may help kids focus and attend or calm and soothe. The vibrations can assist kids with self-regulation to become self-aware when use of the Senseez Pillow is needed for sensory stimulation

Cognitive benefits:
Sensory stimulation from the vibration of the Senseez Pillow can be beneficial to maintaining cognitive attention and retention.
Cause and effect relationships are encouraged as kids sit on the pillow to make it vibrate and receive sensory feedback
The colors and shapes of the pillows provide opportunities for color and shape recognition and identification
Senseez Pillows are compact, lightweight, vibrant colors and fun to engage making them inclusive to kids of all abilities and therapeutic for kids that crave sensory feedback.
The vinyl shell of the pillow is hygienic and wipes clean easily - multiple kids can use the pillow.

  • Lightweight and fully portable
  • Easy to clean vinyl
  • metal clip to attach to backpacks
  • perfect to relieve anxiety and stress, and improve concentration!

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