Sensory Seekers Toolbox

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Help Your Child Explore Their world!

The Sensory Seeker's Toolbox is filled with tools to help children explore the world around them through sight, sound, smell, texture and movement. Ages 4+

  • Features therapy tools that engage the senses, regulate and stimulate the mind and body.
  • versatile tools in easy to store durable toolbox.
Weighted Snake (1)
Chewie Oral Sticks (2)
Pressure Brushes (3) White in color
Energizer Putty (1)
Calming Putty (1)
Scented Bubbles (1)
Light Wand (1)
Vibe Pet: Lady Buzz or Tickles the Turtle (1)
Resistance Body Suit (sizes) (1)Assorted Colors


*Please Select Vibe Pet and  Resistance Body Suit Size in Comment Section at Checkout

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