Watch Plus Youth


Help Keep Them Organized and On Track!

This watch will bring your stress down and improve your time management. Wake-up alarm, Time Timer mode of 60 minutes or personalized, time intervals to repeat, sound, vibration or silent alerts, digital or analog clock with 12 or 24 hour format, supple silicone strap. Some of these features will make it essential for homework, taking medication or a day's organization.

  • Made by Time Timer 
  • Framing an activity within a time period.
  • Helps ease transitions from activates, events and environments.

The Time Timer is a visual timer that allows youths to realize the concept of time passing. This tool was designed to illustrate visually the time allocated for a given activity. It allows you to estimate the length of the activity as well as the end of it. How does this tool work? First you must indicate the amount of time allocated to an activity by moving the red disc. The visible part of the disc will decrease as time elapses. When time runs out there will be a sound signal. This sound signal can be turned off. We recommend that you tell the child about using the timer. Introduce the Time Timer and tell the child how much time will be allocated and why. Also tell in advance what will happen once the time elapses.

Who is this for?

We recommend it for children and teenagers, in different contexts, at home, school, daycare, work and other. 

How To Use In Everyday Life:

  • For example: in 15 minutes, the television will be turned off and my child will need to brush his teeth. 
  • Defining a period of time to manage daily routines, for example 45 minutes. Illustrating visually a time-out period. For example, the child will remain seated in a calm area during 5 minutes before returning to the play area. 

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